Thursday, September 20, 2007

Form Customization through Custom.pll

This is Rakesh.C . I am an Oracle Apps Technical Consultant working in APL Hyderabad.In this post i am giving some of the facts about Custom.pll in Customizing the Oracle Forms.If you have any queries contact on

Oracle Apps contains set of forms, reports and other concurrent programs designed and integrated to meet the needs of specific business functionality.
In order to customize the reports and other concurrent programs we need to download the program from the server and we have to make the customizations.

There are 2 ways to customize the form in the oracle apps.they are the source (form) from AU_TOP dir, then start customize the form & the custom.pll from AU_TOP/resource dir, then start customize the form according to specific events

The Custom.pll is a Oracle forms pl/sql library which is used for the optimization of Oracle Forms. Through custom.pll we can customize with 2 types of events.They are
1.Generic events and
2. Product specific events

Generic events includes:

Specialn (where n is a number between 1 & 45)
Key-Fn (n is between 1 and 8)

Product-specific events includes:

In order to code the logic through custon.pll we have to mainly observe the following things
2.Blockname and
3.In which event, logic has to be fired

In order to support the various functionality we have to explicitly add the corresponding packages like APPCORE2 etc. APPCORE2 library supports the same functionality as APPCORE package. The main reason for not attaching the APPCORE package to the custom because custom is attached to the APPCORE so it would cause a recursion problem.

Custom.pll contains the following functions and procedures
Function zoom_available return BOOLEAN;
Function style (event_name varchar2) return integer;
Procedure event (event_name varchar2);

Zoom_available function returns the zoom status of the form and block. Style function is used, whenever there is logic for the particular form for particular event and through custom.pll if we used the same event then we can use the style function to change the order of execution for the two same events. And event procedure is used to write the code for various events for the particular form and block based on the customization.

By using this functions and procedures in custom.pll we can easily customize the business login of the forms.


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