Monday, September 24, 2007

Provide Access to "AME Tranaction Types" to a user

This is Srinivas Ramineni.

These steps flourishes the way to "How to Provide Access to "AME Tranaction Types" to a user

1) AME restricts access to "AME Transaction Types" using Data Security. To access AME and useit,the user needs to select a transaction type. But the transaction types that the user can select inthe AME Dashboard is restricted by data security.

2) Access to AME transaction types to a user can be setup as follows:
· Login as Administrator
· Select Functional Administrator responsibility
· Select Grants Tab
· Click on Create Grant
· Select "Specific User" as grantee type
· Select the User as grantee key
· Select "AME Transaction Types" as object
· In the next page there will be 3 options for instance type:
1. All rows: This grants access to all AME Transaction Types to the User
2. Instance: This grants access to the AME Transaction Type(1) specified by the following parameters:

FND_APPLICATION_ID => Application ID of the application to which the transaction type belongs
TRANSACTION_TYPE_ID => Unique identifier of the AME Transaction type within application
3. Instance set: This grants access to AME Transaction Types(>=1) specified by the following parameters:
* Use the seeded instance set "AME Transaction Type Instance Set"
* In the next page select FND_APPLICATION_ID as Parameter1 and a wild card search string for TRANSACTION_TYPE_ID as Parameter2.

In the next page, select "AME Calling Applications" as the permission set
· Review and Finish.

NOTE: Please note that it is possible that AME screens fail to appear for the user even after doing the above setup. This can happen if the workflow event system is not properly setup.

If u have any doubts please feel free to contact.


Anonymous said...

We have selected option as 'All Rows', but you have not mention What to select in 'Set'. This option comes in 'Define Object Parameters and Select Set form.


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