Friday, September 28, 2007

Multi Org


Over View Of Multi Org

Use a single installation of any Oracle Applications product to support any number of organizations, even if those organizations use different sets of books.


MultiOrg or Multiple Organizations Architecture allows multiple operating units and their relationships to be defined within a single installation of oracle Applications. This keeps each operating unit's transaction data separate and secure.


It determines the relationships among various organizations within an enterprise. It dictates the transaction flow through different organization and how these organizations interact with each other.

Multi Org Structure

Based on the business needs of the enterprise and the inbuilt Org-structure in the applications the different Hierarchy-levels are defined.

The levels are - Business Groups, Set of Books, Legal Entities, Operating Units and Inventory Organizations.Other definitions include Balancing Entity, Process Organization, Item Organization, HR Organization, and Organization for Oracle Projects and Oracle Assets.

It also determines the access level of each oracle application module.

The Hierarchy Of Multi_Org Can depicted as follows.

Business Group


Set Of Books


Legal Entity


Operating Unit


Inventory Organization


Sub Inventory


Stock Location



Let me explain each of the components in Multi_Org Structure.

Business Group

It represents the highest level in Organization Structure–a consolidated Enterprise.

The application secures human resource information by business group.

The HR Organization is defined and attached to Business Group. That is, when you request for a list of employees, you see all employees assigned to the business group of which your organization is a part.

Set of Books

It determines the Chart of Accounts,Currency and Calendar that would be used by the financial reporting entity.

General Ledger is considered as heart of Oracle application modules and secures information by set of books.

The Set of books defined are attached to each organization and responsibility that you define in the application to establish relationship for updating transactions.

Legal Entity

It represents a legal company for which you prepare fiscal and tax reports.

A Business Group can have one or more Legal Entities.

The Set of Books that you define for the Financial Reporting Entity is assigned to a Legal Entity.

The multiple reporting currency features in application allows you to record and maintain accounting records in more than one functional currency by creating reporting set of books in addition to primary set of books.

Oracle Applications such as General Ledger, Oracle Inventory, OPM Inventory, OPM Financials and Oracle Assets Operate at Legal Entity Level. Each user can see information of all the organizations within a Legal entity.

The application provides for restricting access to inventory user by organization.

Balancing Entity

It represents the accounting entity for which you prepare financial statements.

This is a segment in Accounting Flex field structure at which all accounting entries must balance.

A legal entity can have one or more Balancing entities.

Flex field Value security rules can be used to restrict data entry of balancing segment by operating unit.

Operating Unit

It represents a division or department in an enterprise.

It is associated to Set of Books and Legal Entity.

A Legal entity can have one or more Operating Units.

It is referred as a ‘Company’ in OPM applications.

Oracle Applications such as Order Management, Purchasing, Payables, Receivables and Cash Management secure information by Operating Unit. Each user can see information only for their operating Units.


It represents a Manufacturing Plant or Parent organization for a group of warehouses. The Item Master organization is also defined at this level.

It is referred as Process Organization in OPM applications.

It is referred as Master Organization in India localization set-ups – a level at which excise records are maintained.

All Organizations are associated to Set of Books, Legal Entity and Operating Unit.

Inventory Organization

It represents a warehouse, a distribution center, a Sale office and any other organization for which you track inventory transactions and balances.

It is associated to Set of books, Legal entity and Operating Unit.

The parent organization/process organization under which it is created is also assigned.

The Process enabled flag determines whether it is OPM Warehouse or a Discrete warehouse.

You also specify the Item Master organization from which it can derive item information.

In India Localization set-ups, the Master organization to which this warehouse is attached is also defined for consolidation of Excise records.

You have to choose an organization classified as inventory organization to run application like Oracle Inventory and Purchase receiving functions.

Organizations in number

(In most of the Implementations)

Business Group - 1

Legal Entity - 1

Operating Units - 2-3

Organizations - 25-50

Inventory Organizations - 300-500

Technical Aspects:

Multi_Org Tables:

In Oracle Applications we will find some of the tables with suffix ‘_ALL’.

These are nothing but multi_org tables,which are having multiple organizations data. There will be a common column Org_Id.System will insert Org_id value into this column internally from the profile called MO:OPERATING_UNIT.

Multi_Org Views:

For every Multi_Org table there will be a multi_org view without ‘_ALL’ in the view name. This multi_org view will be created based on the multi_org table including where clause ‘where org_id=fnd_profile.value ('ORG_ID')’. Its one of the RDBMS variable containing user org_id value. Whenever user connects to the database system will find out user org_id value through profile and inserts into the variable.

Q:How will you find out that an organization is Multi_Org enabled or not?

Ans: Select multi_org_flag from fnd_product_groups

Y -à Enabled

N -à Not Enabled/Setups Missed

Important Tables in each of the levels in Multi_org hierarchy:




Business Group



Set of books



Legal Entity



Operating Unit



Inv. Org.



Sub Inventory



Stock Location







A. If we use Multiorg Table we will get all the Organizations Data

B. If we use Multiorg View we will get the data which is related to User


C.While Developing or Customizing the RICE Components in Oracle Apps

we are suppose to use the Multiorg Views not Multiorg Table.


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