Monday, August 11, 2008

ConCurrent Manager FAQ

Concurrent Manager FAQs
Q: Which Concurrent Managers (CCMs) are supported by the Sysadmin team?
Q: Where do the concurrent request output and log files reside?
Q: Where are temporary files located?
Q: How to change PMON method to LOCK.
Q: How to start/shutdown the CCM on Unix as APPS
Q: How to terminate a concurrent request that cannot be cancelled.
Q: A Manager is not activating.
Q: Internal Concurrent Manager functionality.
Q: How to purge requests that are in Pending status.

1. Q: Which Concurrent Managers (CCMs) are supported by the Sysadmin team?
· Internal Concurrent Manager (ICM)
· Standard Manager
· Conflict Resolution Manager (CRM)

The setup of product-specific managers related issues should
be directed to the associated product group, i.e. the Inventory manager

2. Q: Where do the concurrent request output and log files reside?
A: $APPLCSF/out or $Product_Top/out for output files
$APPLCSF/log or $Product_Top/log for log files

Q: Where are temporary files located?
A: Temporary files reside in:

3. Q: How to change PMON method to LOCK.

To check the process monitor (PMON) method status:
Connect as database user "APPS".
SELECT profile_option_value
FROM fnd_profile_option_values
WHERE level_id = 10001
AND level_value = 0
AND application_id = 0
AND profile_option_id =
(SELECT profile_option_id
FROM fnd_profile_options
WHERE profile_option_name = 'CONC_PMON_METHOD');

This should return one row with a value of 'LOCK'

If the value is 'RDBMS' or 'OS' run the following script:

$FND_TOP/sql/AFIMPMON.SQL - this will set the PMON method to LOCK instead of RDBMS.

Bounce the database. If running on NT, restart the NT Server completely.

Within 11.5 Applications, the only PMON method is LOCK. From 11i this profile Option set at O.S level

4. Q: How to start and shutdown the CCM on Unix as APPS
A: To Start:

STARTMGR sysmgr=APPS/passwd

To Shutdown:

concsub apps/ sysadmin 'System Administrator' SYSADMIN CONCURRENT FND ABORT
11.5 => 11.5.4 apps/passwd start/stop prod
11.5.5 => start/stop apps/passwd prod

5. Q: How to terminate a concurrent request that cannot be cancelled.
A: Identify the request number to terminate.
Shut down the concurrent managers and issue the following sql command as applsys:

update fnd_concurrent_requests
set status_code = 'E', phase_code = 'C'
where Request_id = ; (reqnum = request number)

6. Q: A Manager is not activating.
A: Check the count in sys.dual, system.dual, & apps.fnd_dual. There should only be one (1) row for each.
If the count is greater, change to one only. This can be done from sqlplus as follows:

As user apps:
select *
from SYS.DUAL;
Any extra rows should be deleted.
delete rownum
from SYS.DUAL;
(rownum = the row number to delete)

Any extra rows for apps.fnd_dual must be removed by performing the following SQL command:

delete from fnd_dual
where rownum < (select max(rownum) from fnd_dual);

Bounce the Concurrent Managers.

7 . Q: Internal Concurrent Manager.
A: If the ICM should go down, requests will continue to run normally, except for 'queue control' requests.

If the ICM should go down, you can restart it with 'startmgr'. There is no need to shut down the other managers first.

8. Q: How to purge requests that are in Pending status.
A: The Purge Concurrent Requests program will only purge requests that are in Completed status. Set the status of the Pending requests to Completed
before purging them. The Internal Manager Must be DOWN!

Using sqlplus as APPLSYS perform the following:

UPDATE fnd_concurrent_requests
SET phase_code = 'C'
WHERE phase_code = 'P'

Srinivas Ramineni
Oracle Apps DBA


gopi said...


Please send me the script for knowing the sid of a request id which is running in status.

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