Monday, August 11, 2008

Concurrent Manager Profile Values


1. Concurrent: Active Request Limit

Value: Numeric

This profile options will restrict the number of concurrent requests that may be run simultaneously by each user. If you do not specify a limit, then no limit is imposed.

2. Concurrent: Attach URL

Values: YES/NO

If you set this option to YES, then this causes a URL to be attached to request completion notifications. For example, when a user submits a request and uses the 'Defining Completion Options' region to specify people to be notified, a notification is sent each of the people designated.

3. Concurrent: Collect Request Statistics

Values: YES/NO

If you set this option to YES, this causes applications to collect statistics on your run-time concurrent processes.

4. Concurrent: Conflicts Domain

Values: LOV (list of values: domains)

This option identifies the domain within which all the incompatibilities between programs has to be resolved

5. Concurrent: Debug Flags

This option is used to debug the transactions managers.You should only use this option at the request of Oracle Support.

6. Concurrent: Directory for Copy

You can identify a directory on your operating system to store copies of your report output or log files. This directory is used when a copy operation is requested in character mode of the applications.

7. Concurrent: Enable Request Submission in View Mode

Values: YES/NO

Setting this option to YES will enable the 'Submit a New Request' button
when users invoke the form FNDRSRUN (Find Requests Form). Navigation path is either: (1) Menu: Help > View My Requests, or (2) navigate (with system administrator responsibility) to, Requests > View.

8. Concurrent: Hold Requests

Values: YES/NO

This option enables you to automatically place requests on hold after submission.

9. Concurrent: Multiple Time Zones

Values: YES/NO

When the client's session and the concurrent manager are running in different times zones, use this option to ensure that the request is scheduled immediately regardless of you client session's time zone.

10. Concurrent: PMON Method

This option is presented for documentation purposes only. Users cannot see or alter this profile option. This option is not visible or cannot be updated from the System Profile Option (FNDPOMPV) form. The PMON method refers to the process monitor. The Internal Concurrent Manager (ICM) monitors the individual
concurrent managers' processes to verify the managers are running. Normally, the PMON method must be set to LOCK. To change the profile option setting, you must execute the SQL script "afimpmon.sql" which resides in directory"$FND_TOP/sql/".

11. Concurrent: Report Access Level

This option determines access privileges to report output files and log files generated by a concurrent program. This option can beset by a system administrator or by the user.

12. Concurrent: Report Copies

Values: Numeric

This option determines the number of default copies that print for each submitted concurrent request.

13. Concurrent: Request Priority

Values: Numeric

Concurrent requests in Oracle Applications are queued. Requests normally run according to a start time on a first submitted, first run basis. Priority overrides this request start time. A higher priority request starts before an earlier request. This option displays the default priority for you concurrentrequests. Only a system administrator can change your request priority.

14. Concurrent: Request Start Time

Values: Numeric (Date/Time)

With this profile option, you can set the date and time that your requests are available to start running

* If the start time is at or before the current date and time, requests are available to run immediately

* Start a request in the future, for example, at 6:00 PM on December 31, 2000, enter the following value 31-DEC-2000 18:00

* This profile option requires the date and time,
for example, 31-DEC-2000 18:00

* Changing values does not affect request already submitted

15. Concurrent: Save Output

Values: YES/NO
Srinivas Ramineni
Oracle Apps DBA

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